about us

The beginning of Pancin Art Technology is love to beauty, nights spent on listening of perfect music and days passing by on thinking how to make music have chance to be perfectly accurate to the original and to the intention of the composer.

The beginning is the years of gaining knowledge and experience in the fields, which made the dreams come true. Dreams, which very quickly crystallized into one concrete desire, desire to create an ideal sound, closed in ideal form.

From the very beginning we knew in Pancin Art Technology that we didn't want to create GOOD speakers. We didn't even want to create VERY GOOD speakers. We always had one aim: to create the best speakers in the world. Without a place for comprise.

Five years of work on prototype of VZ1 was a time of improving sound and form.

It was the time of research and testing. It was the search of the best components and the long way leading to the best materials and technological solutions.

It was endless discussion about what should be changed, improved and smoothened? No-one was going to be satisfied with fine solution. We wanted to take breath away and steal hearts of music lovers - and not only look at heads nodding approvingly.

The time preceding premiere of first Pancin Art Technology speakers - to be honest - was a very difficult time.

Pancin Art Technology Team consists of professionals, each being professional in his own field and aspiring to be the best.

Reaching consensus, final satisfaction with VZ1 speakers, with a bar set high seemed almost impossible...

And here during the AUDIO SHOW 2012 in Warsaw the world met first child of Pancin Art Technology - VZ1... For the fist time people could fall in the sound, which we were creating with such a sacrifice. They could lose themselves in harmonious lines of ideal lump of our first child...

Now our story writes itself further.

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