6 Moons

6 Moons

Our next surprise of the day came in the next room where brand-new Polish brand Pancin Art Technology had settled in. The first impression of course were the stunning looks of their VZ1 a 4-driver 3-way with external crossover quickly followed by the sound which really was deep and enveloping even in such a big room...

... We learnt that Pancin started 5 years ago with Marcin Stelmach who wanted to build not only a functional but also beautiful loudspeaker. His inspiration for the form factor were jet engines. The actual design is made by Radoslaw Sentkiewicz. It took the team of friends who have known each other from childhood a lot of effort and time to finish the project in time — meaning up until the night prior to the Audio Show 2012. Some paint on the displays was still wet.

The drivers were all Scan Speak Illuminator series units including their Beryllium tweeter. Crossover frequencies are 400Hz and 2100Hz and the external crossover makes bi- and tri-wiring/amping possible. Other parts are high-quality Mundorf issue. Impulse response is guaranteed not only by the 2nd-order filter but the time alignment of the drivers sitting in MDF housings. The following pictures only show a little of what the speakers actually looked like.

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